Sunday 24 November 2013

Hard dodger Pilot house style for CSY 44

Hard Dodger, Pilot house style for CSY 44
This selection of photos show a brief selection of the steps I took to build this CSY Hard dodger.
Construction is in cored glass sandwich.
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Because of the remote position of the intended boat, It was necessary for me to make a deck / combing surface copy of the actual boat and the apply this to my female mold and recopy again on to the mold.
A removable copy was made of the new mold which was then taken to the actual boat and trimed down to fit the
boat surface , fiber glass was then added to copy the actual surface of the combing and hatch cover and winch combing s
This ply and glass surface copy was then taken back to the workshop and repositioned onto the mold
I then glass up under this and onto the mold to give myself a male copy of the boat surface 

The surface copy was removed and I was left with a shiny ply mold and the exact copy of the deck and combing

inner glass laminates were applied, core was added then outer glass
laminated on note below the included top flange to receive the curved top

The top was moulded on a flat table 
one side first with its 15mm core, then curved and the inner laminateof glass added


Steve said...

Steve, how do I get in touch with you about another CSY hard dodger?

Unknown said...

Are you still building Dodgers?

Steve Marshall said...

Hi Marty Weeks
Yes can still build as a custom dodger Please note I am located in Queensland Australia

Steve Marshall said...

Hi I note also that my email address does not appear in blog
it is

Captain Greg said...

Hello Steve!
I,m Gregory. Looking to build hard dodger for my Beneteau 57.
Boat is in Spain, Barcelona.
Can we discuss such project?

my e-mail:

Steve Marshall said...

Hi Gregory
You can contact me on