Friday 7 January 2011

Hard dodger Sail boat pilot house. Aluminium kit set , assembled and installed by owner

This dodger was designed as a kit set so that it could be reduced in size and crated to a remote port .
The owner assembled and with very minor trimming of bottom edge he installed on this John Pugh "Moonwind" (steel)
the upper central window opens
these pictures display the kit building process After a design as been decided on the drawings are sent out in dxf format for the parts to be cut on a CNC controlled water jet cutter..
the various bends to create joining flanges and mounting flanges are carefully done in a press brake,

 After all the parts are cut and formed the initial assembly is done and some components welded as required.

All components are then disassembled, degreased sanded, acid washed, then Epoxy hi build sprayed.
areas that require it are filleted with epoxy/micro balloon mix, resprayed, sanded and gloss and fleck sprayed.

Windows are then installed in the panels and allowed to cure for several days. prior to crating for transport

this same kit set method can be applied to a fiberglass dodger it is most suitable to this pilot house style.


Matt said...


Did you ever develop a fiberglass dodger kit with the same design as this aluminum one? Really like the lines of this dodger, but being on a fiberglass boat, glass makes more sense for me.

Helen said...

Was that glass you used?

Steve Marshall said...

Helen sorry to be slow that was acrylic polycarbonate could also be used

Teun said...


I'm curious as to how the windows are fitted into place.

kevin said...

Hi Steve
How can i contact you? i have a project for a hard dodger in aluminium and would really like to use your design.

Steve Marshall said...

Hi Kevin
Sorry Im way late in replying I have not been notified of any activity on this blog
so only found this request by chance

Junaid said...

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Silver Pearl said...

Can you give me some more information who did the cut out and the windows, and the design? That would be awesome.need some phone Nr please

Unknown said...

Is the kit still available and if so how much?

Unknown said...

Nice harddogger!

SV Skoiern IV said...

Hi Steve

I'm very impressed with your kit designs - Are you still building these kits in Aluminium, if so, How can I contact you? I have an open 15-meter ex single-handed masthead cutter, I'm planning to enter the single-handed round the world race from starting in Spain. Furthermore, I would like a hard dodger kit in aluminium and would like to order a kit for one of your designs. Please contact me by email - Kind regards - John M