Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Trailer Trawler

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you've designed a big little trawler that has great construction as well as exceptional looks! If the inside arangements and outfitting are equall to the task and I'm sure they will be, then you have a winner my friend! But that's just the opinion of an Illinois landlubber. Hope I will see one up close and personal in the USA. Best Regards!
P.S. If the boat becomes available for the USA please contact me at

Unknown said...

Wow. Nice design. I love it.
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HowLin Seas said...

Just realized in reading this that we met in Alaska and according to an old boat log; shared halibut dinner in Brundidge Inlet on way back to Prince Rupert in '88.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in installing a hard dodger on my Irwin 37, 1972 ketch centercockpit
What would you recommand
I like the one for the catalina

please contact me

hdaveluy @

Bill Asbell said...

What happened with the trailer trawler project? With todays increasing fuel prices it should sell like mad! I check this site often and am still waiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Very interested in your dodger for a Moonwind. I have a fibreglass version and would like to install one of your dodgers. please contact me to discuss. I am at Lake Macquarie NSW.