Sunday, 8 April 2007

Hard Dodgers for cruising sailboats. Custom designed and built

Over the years I have designed and built Hard Dodgers and Hard Bimini's for various clients and their cruising yachts /sailboat.
I have cruised many ocean miles with a hard dodger on my own sail boat in much greater comfort than when I only had a cloth dodger. Most especially on my Alaskan trips.

Included with the following pictures are cad generated pictures of some dodger styles that are suitable for amateur building.

Building of theses styles can be in laminated ply, which is totally glassed, or composite panel, with a foam or plastic honeycomb, core.
A ply, plastic honeycomb, and ply sandwich composition can also be used to very good effect in the tops.

(you may need Picasa to view)


Nerine said...
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fareastsails said...

Thanks for sharing such valuable information on cruising sailboats

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